Tsukisappu Golf Club

The course was designed under the supervision of Kokichi Yasuda. Yasuda says “The ideal situation of the golf course – It’s the golf course which makes the best use of the nature of Hokkaido. The length and breadth of the golf courses are well kept but it does not make us feel artificial atmosphere at all. At the first glance, the course looks easy. But it is necessary to taste something mild and delicate. One of the keys for success is designing. The course is on the rich nature of Tsuskisappu.”

# of Holes 18 holes
Round Style
time by car
from/toAirport50min (expressway)
Address 412-5 Ariake, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido 004-0821
Telephone +81 (0)11-881-6701
Website http://www.tsukisappu.co.jp/tsuki/en/tp_index.html